Make better decisions with data analytics

We help you take advantage of your data and implement advanced analytics into your daily management. We can create tailored solutions for organizations of all sizes.

How can we help?

Data is everywhere

The ever growing amount of generated data emphasizes the importance of intelligent aggregation and visualization to accelerate the accuracy of decision making.

Tailored dashboard solution

We build a visualized solution to meet the requirements of your organization and your data. Our adaptable dashboards are a great fit for organizations of all sizes and fields.

Cloud based storage and hosting

Our services are delivered through modern cloud solutions so your organization doesn't have to worry about storing your data. We make sure the services are scaled to meet your organizations requirements now and in the future.

Convenient and seamless user experience

Our tailored solutions are all about the user experience. From the speed of adding new data to the ease of getting the visualizations of the latest data, everything is optimized to meet the needs of your organization. We adapt so you don't have to.

Additional services such as API integrations

Data comes in endless forms and is generated by number of different sources. Our visualization tools are adaptable for different integrations such as API integrations. Integrating different data sources increases the accuracy and efficiency of data management.

Flexible Pricing

Our solutions are tailored to fit organizations of any size. We can adapt our services to match your ambitions and budget.

How to get started

1. Free Consultation

Get started with a free consultation where we explore the potential of your data together. We map out the sources of data and the scale of the service to best suit your needs. During the consultation we’ll provide you with insight from our industry experience and brainstorm together with you to find out how you can take the most advantage of your data.

2. First Meeting

After mapping out your needs and data sources we can provide you with our tailored recommendations for data analytics. From our catalogue and ready made templates you can pick visualizations and specifications of your liking. If you have your own ideas for specific types of visualizations, we can make a custom offer for developing them.

3. Pilot

For your convenience we can provide a lite version of our custom data-analysis service, so that you can try it out and give feedback before we make a production ready version of the software. The pilot version is a cost efficient way to make sure all your specifications are implemented to meet your expectations.

4. Continuous operation

After developing a tailored solution to fit your organization’s requirements, we take care of the maintenance and customer service while helping you to implement advanced data analytics into your day to day management.

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