Software Solutions and Advanced Analytics

Our mission is to develop high-tech software solutions for companies to be able to take full advantage of innovation and data

Our specialties

AI and Data Science

Software Testing

Web APIs


RESTful Web API Testing

By combining all of our specialties, we can offer you API testing service of the highest level. We take care of testing your REST API’s endpoints, so that you can focus on developing new functionality and fixing bugs.

Software Development

Do you have an innovative idea, but don’t know how to build it? We can help you realize your vision with our software development expertise. From website development to high-tech software solutions, we can provide you with full stack development and consultation.

Data Analytics

Make your decisions based on insightful information, not just raw data. We help you aggregate and build analytics from your data, wherever it comes from. By analyzing and visualizing complex datasets using our convenient tools, you’ll be able to make better decisions for your business. We build tailored visualization solutions that provide a convenient, efficient and safe way to analyze your data. Every day.

Artificial Intelligence

If you have any need for custom AI-based applications, we can turn your dream into a real working product. Deep learning, reinforcement learning, natural language processing, we can do it. Our dream is to make advanced AI techniques available for organizations of any scale.

Our story and mission

Mokkit started out as a university project between three passionate students who were driven by the desire to innovate and to take advantage of the latest technologies. From developing new software innovations to intelligent testing solutions the project took a significant step in 2020 when Mokkit was officially established as a company. Our vision is to make innovation accessible for organizations of all sizes. From public to private sector, we seek to create tailored, intelligent, and cost-efficient solutions from data analytics to software development and testing. We believe that no issue or amount of data is too big or too small to be solved with innovation. Our team at Mokkit is diverse in nationalities and experience. We have wide ranging skills when it comes to software development, data science, AI and testing solutions. Despite our European roots we are also based in Shanghai, China. We’re looking forward to hearing about your ideas and the challenges you want to take on!

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